Thursday, 15 October 2009

Professional Stuff (yes - a plug)

Just found this. Matt Evenden made a mock up BBC book cover of my Centenarian story (based on a doodle I did) and here it is:

Thanks Matt!


  1. Dear John in:

    Plight of the Monkrah in:

    Seance in:

  2. I can't say how much I loved 'Plight of the Monkrah' - it's definitely the best out of the two of the above I've read, that said, 'Seance' is a very good story too.

    I challenge anyone not to picture Ralf Little as Oliver! If Short Trips were continuing, I'd so be campaigning for more appearances by Oliver - as there's definite room for lots of adventures with the Fourth Doctor!

  3. Paul - thanks for that! I really enjoyed writing 'Monkrah' so I'm pleased that you like it so much.

    And I'm certain that Oliver had many more adventures with the Doctor - although I'm not sure if any of them happened in Runcorn. ;)

  4. Goodness me! I'd forgotten all about that book cover for Dear John...x