Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Somebody’s Daughter

Somebody’s Daughter
John Davies

Another reporter
Said somebody’s daughter
Was found in the park late last night.
Her clothing was tangled
Her throat had been strangled
With signs that she’d put up a fight.
A closer inspection
Showed proof of injection
And semen dried in with the blood.
Death-frozen in still life
I knew this was my wife
But the impact just failed t’come through.
Our time now was over
And no four leaved clover
Could back track the act and redo.
Time ebbed all around me
Tomorrow night’s tv
Paled in the breeze of the now.
Reality dawning
My heart started mourning
I’d have to get through this somehow.
Eyes that once shone bright (now)
Reflected pale moonlight
Bar shadows that showed where I stood.
I shouldn’t have been there
I’d vowed that I’d stay clear
But something I just had to do.
The crime scene deserted
I knelt down and then said,
“I’m sorry. You know I love you.”

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